Datamatix Online Systems and Applications Services

Investing, in organization’s software and systems, becomes a distinct challenge globally, as an ICT rule, are very straightforward when it comes to selecting software and applications, it has to be cost affordable, helpful, not complicated, target unique business needs, easy in terms of deployment and maintenance and it should be accessible with a full office functionality 24/7.

Today, S.M.E are facing big challenges in investing and how to address constant change and managing, sharing and updating project management information, business data, HR and Payroll, finance, procurement, tasks management, sales and marketing, building the internal customer relationship management, CRM and other systems, due to lack of automations cost, thereby affecting entire S.M.E value chains that flow horizontally and vertically across the organization.

In this context, Datamatix with great pleasure presents one of the most qualitative affordable and powerful online systems and applications services platform, (using the latest International ICT Standards). The services are available to all regional and global organizations.

The platform has 10 different applications which can meet all organization’s automation and software needs. It is both time and cost efficient and gives the organizations the opportunity to use the platform and functioning within 7 working days based on their choice of modules, through these online services, Datamatix provides a comprehensive Applications Platform that can assist organizations better manage their businesses, as well as costs.

Datamatix well-qualified and experienced professionals can also provide custom-catered solutions. Why invest in developing and building your own systems and software, when all your organizations systems needs can be provided online with Datamatix online systems and applications services platform with lower cost.

With the digitization of information, it has become increasingly necessary to tackle vast loads of information using automation. You can monitor the calls, chats, emails, purchases, and other details of your customers using various CRM tools. Today, organizations are integrating these tools on their operation to develop a seamless customer relationship and total business management system.

Datamatix online systems and applications services platform is a leading total salutations services platform available by annual subscription for government and business Organizations. The platform is designed to catalyze the efficiency of data management and daily operations and provides executives with a full online office functionality 24/7 that can be accessed anytime – anywhere, whilst providing organizations useful corporate information that would support business decision to reach higher levels of achievements and business success.

The platform contains a unique corporate and business data of 1000’s of Organizations and is one of the most reliable online platforms designed to flawlessly manage a large amount of data by effortlessly generating, managing and simplifying data use, from different Organizations to achieve the strategic objectives of business Organizations.

The platform is all about online applications and integrating them to meet your needs. It is both time and cost efficient and gives your organization the opportunity to use the platform as a CRM or as an ERP and customer relationship management system and establish closer connections with your employee and customers online, provide professional services, and grow your business further whilst having all functionality which your operations management and executives need furthermore covering all your daily operations and management task and many other tasks thereby ensuring better service deliverance.

Leveraging the platform unparalleled breadth and depth of services, it transforms information into insights that you can use to make informed decisions by identifying the value of your business relationships. The system provides organizations with high quality database of contacts management system which reduces redundancy and errors and enables improved data management, security and eases data maintenance tasks. The system would significantly augment organization’s sales and marketing plans and the future business expansion opportunities in the by ascertaining your market presence amongst top clients in public and private sectors.

  • Online CRM
  • Human Resource Management System
  • GCC Contacts
  • GCC Events
  • Labour Camp Management Soft
  • Events and Partnership Management Soft
  • Task Management Soft
  • Transportation Management Soft
  • Legal Affairs Management Soft
  • Restaurant Management System
  • CPMS - Construction Project Management Soft
  • Corporate Communication Management Soft
  • Home Based Business Management Soft
  • Treino Soft
  • Investors Management Soft
  • Joint Committee Management Soft
  • Car Rental Management Soft
  • Training Management Soft
  • Towers Management Soft
  • eHijin

The Seven Hard Questions for the Organizations Decision Makers

  • Does your Org. have a system to manage the daily corporate management and operation?
  • Does your Org. have a task management system to manage daily employee and Organizations work?
  • Does your Org. have a meetings management system to manage the meeting results and reports?
  • Does your Org. have a business analytics and reporting system to review company goals and achievements?
  • If your Org. doesn’t have the automation, where the data goes when the employee leaves you
  • If your Org. doesn’t have data for new employee, how they can work and what will be the results
  • If your Org. doesn’t have the automated system, how you monitor employee’s progress and daily work

Why no Need to Invest in Your Own Automated and Systems Platform

  • No need to Develop, Invest, Run and Take Organizational Technological Management Responsibilities
  • No need to take continuous software updates and advancement development responsibilities
  • No need for on-going maintenance for hardware or software
  • Difficulties for organizations in tracking the daily changes in technology
  • Follow the new global IT trends, use the online available technology that’s available in the market