Sales and Marketing Management Software

The Sales and marketing Strategy management module is an effective and interactive tool for your organization to coordinate the sales activities of your company from inception to completion. It also manages, generates and maintains a centralized database that implements sales cycle functions, directs the incoming and outgoing faxes and emails, provides all the resources required for marketing analysis. an extensive search option is provided to explore the promotional activities of other companies and the availability of particular data/unit as per the customer’s choice, and with the complete follow-up history and respective alerts from the potential customer. It also supports the broadcasting feature, that allows your company to carry out significant marketing campaigns and promotions and proposals intended to suit the needs of your company motive.

Our Sales & marketing module includes operational tools like;

Sales & marketing tools

  • E-mail/Fax Broadcasting
  • Leads & Inventory
  • Sales Ratios & Targets
  • Customer History & Invoicing
  • Statistics
  • Campaign/Smart Segment/Follow-up

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