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In the era of globalization and technological advancement, Organizations, departments and employees are spread out across the globe in different time zones and working hours. It has become essential for people to be able to work from anytime anywhere on any device with the same usability and functionality.

On this occasion Datamatix, would like to take this opportunity to present you with one of the most professional solution in this regard, the Task Management Soft, the total online integrated system solution, which manages the daily organizations and employees task and things to do, whilst assigning tasks to the team members & collaborate with them in your workspace from virtually anywhere in the most secure & efficient way. The system can support the executives and managers to assign, follow and manage the daily tasks and things to do and responsibilities with a deadline to the employee with a task tracking management.

The system gives executives and employees the liberty to work from anywhere online with privileged access to files and information’s online for the daily things to do and the tasks which has been assigned to them. It can manage the functionalities that can plan and organize the organizations day to day operations and the employees’ daily things to do and tasks. The systems allow an individual to track task progress, and oversee their scheduled and completed tasks thereby empowering the team to work more productively and efficiently.

The system, it is a total task management and daily things to do solution which assists the organization and the employees to place daily and future related things to do, tasks, due dates, conversations, files, checklist, time log and other details for each task all at one place for efficient follow up and so that the they can tap into the same pool of knowledge whenever they need thereby enabling executives and employees to better prepare and manage their day-to-day tasks with complete transparency whilst helping to make smarter and faster management decisions.

The system is a complete advanced task management system that provides an instant overview of who's working on what and what's next in the priorities' list and includes the features such as the task checklist, where each task lets you breakdown big portions of work into easily manageable smaller list of items that are simpler to track, follow up and complete on time. It also includes the features such as each and every task can be recorded with complete details which can help the management in monitoring, following up the day to day activities and the project progress and even beneficial in evaluating the employee performance, appraisals and future employment references.

Employee and Organizations Daily and Future Things to Do Task Scheduling and Management

  • Employees Daily and Future Things to Do Planning and Management
  • Organizations Departments Employees Daily things to do Planning and Management
  • Reduced Turnaround Time and Improved Process Efficiency, Communication and Collaboration
  • An Ability to Review and Forecast the Employees Effectiveness and Daily Achievements
  • An ability to Review and Forecast the Organizations Departments and Sections Daily Achievements

Manage All Employees and Organizations Things to Do Task Scheduling

  • Create existing and future tasks, attach files, updates, track work progress and more.
  • Saves time, avoid losing work and information, delegate and track tasks, stay on schedule and hit deadlines
  • Immediately find what you want, organize tasks into lists and filter them by people, labels, or due dates

Share and Collaborate Tasks with Your Team to Get Work Done

  • Delegate projects tasks, share files, comments, ideas to get work done on time
  • Sharing tasks allows everyone to understand most important tasks or require time to meet deadlines.
  • Everyone using the software can access the data within their specified system access rights
  • It saves time and keeps employees focused to their work
  • Every task and things to do change is saved and management can see the full revision history anytime

Reminders and Notifications to Track Events and Changes

  • Automatic task reminders and notifications are sent to your inbox
  • It keeps the employees accountable and alert towards their work
  • The system reminds the employees of various assigned tasks and priorities non-stop
  • Keeps track of all the Employees and Organizations Daily and Future Things to Do Task deadlines
  • Sends automatic reminders to team, and instantly notifies you about the task updates and progress

Accessibility and Communication

  • Access and Manage the system from Anywhere at Any time via internet 24/7
  • Prioritize your work based on Time-frames, due dates and importance
  • Assists you to track, log, and report the hours spend working on tasks by the individual or group
  • The system helps the management to control, who has access to what data in your organization
  • User Permissions and privileged access

Make Better Decisions and Faster

  • Real-time visibility into work status
  • The right information available in real time allows you to make better decision and faster

Who can use the system?

  • All Small and Large Organizations in any industry
  • The system can be used online and in the office without internet only by intranet

Is the price of this product being high?

  • All Small and Large Organizations in any industry can have it with a very reasonable price
  • If you have more changes and customization on the system you may pay some extra fees

Is this product easy to use?

  • The system is very unique and very easy to use
  • The system is web enable and can be used 24/7

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