Transportation Management Software

Transportation management is significant for the smooth run of today's business operations regardless of the industry. To ensure to remain competitive and sustain growth ambitions, building a data-centric analytical organisation is the key to success. Making most of the changes and opportunities often depends on the technology platform that supports daily business operations. Transportation management system from D.erp is a user-friendly business application that provides real-time insights to deliver higher customer satisfaction while delivering significant value every day.

The Software equipped with a matchless flexibility, has a variety of inbuilt preferences, capable of making positive changes best suited to any organization. It maintains accurate records of booking, rental fare management, vehicle status management, service history, rental status management, salik and fines data, etc. It centralizes and stores massive volumes of transportation and prospect data and makes it available in real time. It provides flexible and scalable platform to standardise your processes and business rules on a single database, allowing you to adopt best practice in delivering services internally and externally by having control of key operations.

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